Speaking Topics

Dr. Sutton customizes his dynamic workshops and keynotes to each audience to ensure maximum impact and relevance.  Here is a list of his most requested presentation topics:

HUSTLE for Success: The 6 Keys to Overcoming any Situation

Attitudes are contagious – make yours worth catching! In this signature talk that became the basis for his book, Dr. Sutton shares the tried-and-true steps to success pulled from his unique life experience. From identifying the habits that hold back growth and building techniques to manage them, audiences will be able to establish a firm foundation of self-confidence and self discipline. Learn how to stay on fire… without burning out!

“Dr. Sutton changed my life in 45 minutes. I was ready to give up on my dream and he said, “NO”.
Prestin Johnson M.D. , Medical Intern Baylor Medical School.

“Anthony Sutton is a real OG (Organized General)! His emotional retention method saved me time in preparing for exams, as well as increased the scores.

Moises Palcencia M.D., Family Practice and MDI Prep Alum.

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I Got Your Back: Building Successful Teams

By placing your trust in others and by being trustworthy, there is no challenge you can’t complete. Through captivating stories, business lessons, and high energy video, Dr. Sutton will take your team on an unforgettable journey of high performance and excellence in extremely challenging and demanding environments. Be inspired knowing that someone has your back to help you face challenges and change with confidence while maximizing your potential in all aspects of life.

“Outstanding! Extraordinary! Dr. Sutton’s continuous energy, captivating charisma, and contagious positive attitude helped us take a giant step forward in improving the quality of service!”
Maurice Hobson, Harris County Juvenile Probation.

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Tune Up Before Turn Up: Difficulty Prepares You for Greatness

Resilience in the face of great difficulties and everyday challenges helps people stay focused on the goals ahead. In this talk, Dr. Sutton inspires in a relatable way to show how life’s setbacks prepare us for greater things in the future. Audiences leave with expanded grit, adaptability and ability to find humor and grace in any situation they face

 “Passionate and alive! One of the most admirable qualities about Anthony is that he indeed “walks the talk” on working hard to achieve success. He has a wonderful way of making his audiences reflect upon themselves and the changes they are capable of — all with humor and wit.”
Kevin Smith M.D., Plastic Surgeon and Author of the Migraine Imposter. 

“Dynamic and powerful! His workshop clearly expanded my knowledge of new strategies that I could put in place to better serve my students!”
C.D. Johnson DDS, Dental Faculty member at UT Houston Dental School. 

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We Didn't Come to Lose: The Mindset to Make it

There are many factors that determine students success, and while Dr, Sutton prepared them for the exams through MDI Prep, in this talk he shares the equally important mindset needed to ace exams, applications and interviews. From his years of experience in medical school admissions, Dr. Sutton leaves students with the passion and mental toughness to take on the overwhelming hurdles.

“Dr. Sutton’s presentation was the highlight of our pre-health conference — incredibly informative, entertaining, and inspiring!”
Dr. A Sodipe, Texas Southern University

“Awesome! Thanks for your dedication to doing great things in our community.”
Amber Shaw, KCOH Radio

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The ER Method: Innovative Strategies for Reaching and Teaching Today’s Students

The Emotional Retention Method is a revolutionary approach developed by Dr. Sutton and his colleagues to increase test scores, address ADHD and improve learning. This highly engaging session offers critical insights into the characteristics and strengths of today’s young people as well as dozens of practical techniques that can be implemented immediately to improve learning outcomes.

“Dr. Sutton really knows what he is talking about and totally has the students full attention during his presentation. He is the best I’ve ever seen!”
Bradley Hamilton, Rice University Young Owls program for High School students.

“Awesome presentation. The participants are still talking about how great you were.”
Dr. Jaime Hinojosa, Sam Houston School of Osteopathic Medicine.

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