Introducing a dynamic speaker and consultant who educates and inspires with a delivery that's interactive and FUN!

“Absolutely amazing speaker! Dr. Sutton has the uncanny ability to connect with and inspire any audience!”
Dr. S. Jefferson, PVAMU Undergraduate Medical Academy

Why Dr. Sutton


Dr. Sutton’s unique blend of powerful ideas, humor, energy, and storytelling ensures that the audience can relate and find personal value. Dr. Sutton keeps it real!.


Proven success… Practical strategies. With Dr. Sutton the audience walks away with real information, which each participant can use right away.


The presentation will be tailored specifically to your group’s needs, strengths, and interests, thereby maximizing the impact and outcomes for your group.


Dr. Sutton’s highly interactive presentations get everyone involved and excited throughout the presentation. No one engages an audience like Dr. Sutton!

About Dr. Sutton

Dr. Anthony Sutton is a visionary speaker, consultant, and thought leader dedicated to inclusive excellence and positive change. With his dynamic and interactive approach, creative ideas, track record of success, and sense of humor, Dr. Sutton has become a highly requested presenter across the globe. His powerful keynotes and workshops on issues such as diversity and inclusion, motivation, team building, student development, leadership and marketing, have been featured at a wide range of conferences, companies, and colleges, including keynote speech for former First Lady’s Barbara and Laura Bush, National Youth Leadership Conference, Harris County Juvenile Probation Department, University of Texas-Austin, Rice University, Multiple U.S. Medical school, Student National Medical Association Conference, television, and radio.

“Dr. Sutton is my mentor and motivational coach!”

Dr. Danny Fowler, Family Practice Physician

“He’s awesome… and his gift to the planet is his inspiring roadmap from despair to hope.

Kevin Ryan, Esq., President and CEO of Covenant House International

“Dr. Sutton is a great motivational speaker”

Alex Mendoza

Student, Texas A&M University

Working at the juvenile probation department I know the importance of inspiring youth. The message by Dr. Sutton, also inspired me.

M. Hobson

Harris County Juvenile Probation Department

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